3 Tips to Make Sure Your Summer Training is OPTIMIZED

Our favorite season is coming to a close. For us here in San Diego, we will still be milking our time at the beach and in the water, but with part of our team in other parts of the world it means the exercise will start to move indoors.As it gets cooler there are a few things that will scientifically help you stay on point to keep your summer fitness through the fall and winter. 1.) Get Your Sleep. This is the biggest asset you can take with you as our routines change from less sunlight and more time indoors. Each body has it's own ideal duration of sleep it requires to function optimally to recover from workouts, balance hormones,...

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Venice, CALIFORNIA || FITSPI | yoga water sand

The team tours Venice, California and mixes in some yoga, calisthenics and fun. The most sustainable workouts are the ones that you ENJOY. We won't pitch you on following a strict workout void of movements you don't like! Find the partner you love to workout with, the movements you've always wanted to learn (handstands, headstands, snatches, crow poses, benching 300 lbs), and form your regimens around the movements that will help you hit these goals! We launched out an Instagram post that asked our followers what they wanted to achieve by Christmas. With accountability and seeing the end goal in site, much (anything) can be achieved. Find your music. Plug In. Get to Work. Enjoy the process.    

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