About us

Demi and the team started FITSPI to change the fitness culture. The company strives to integrate the feel of inspiration with a tropical and convivial sensation that we hope can encourage people to achieve their most "ideal self."

Fitspi provides clothing designed specifically for individuals who enjoy working out with comfortable, aesthetic materials while simultaneously having their smartphone snugged into an accessible and secure pocket. Fitness enthusiasts who use their phone for music during workouts have undeniably experienced the irritation of a phone hopping around during a jump rope set, run, or lifting exercise and inevitably falling to the floor from time to time. Our founders looked to solve the problem of jostling phones and interrupted music by simply adding a zipper to existing shorts and joggers. The phone no longer would be at risk of leaving the pocket during workouts, however the jostling around would occasionally cause the headphone jack to be ripped from the phone, leaving the initial problem utterly remaining. The next step involved the careful design and construction of a few prototype pockets in various locations on the shorts and joggers. An elastic material was acquired that allowed for an emphasis on “secure” fit of the phone in the pocket. The least amount of jostling was found to come from a horizontal pocket secured on the waistband. The prototypes were tested with sprints, jump ropes, Olympic lifts, yoga, hiking, flips etc. The security of the band allowed for uninterrupted music again, our initial goal.

Why it matters:

Most people do not need empirical evidence to tell them that listening to music improves their workouts. The motivation stemmed from songs help reduce the feeling of pain, increase endurance, and also augment efficiency. Whether you are in a spin class matching your cycling rate to the rapid beat an electric dance mashup or perhaps summoning your muscle fibers for PR deadlift, music fuels the mind which in turn tells the body it can do more. Mind over matter. Music is to working out as coffee is to a caffeine addicts early morning. Necessary. We wanted to bring a musically unfettered experience to those that desire to demolish their workouts with incessant rhythm. The pocket


The Science:

For those of you that are knowledge hungry out there that want more detail however on what goes on scientifically, here we go. Studies show that syncing your pace to the beat decreases the amount of oxygen that your body requires by 7%. The studies also go on to show the drop in perceived effort by close to 10%. Something about the association of the song and the mental processes causes a fortuitous dissociation of pain. Always nice. Furthermore, increases in endurance were statistically significant with the addition of music in periods of sustained workouts. Our brains our incredibly complex systems and with compelling evidence that supports the improvement of workouts, it only makes sense that we design a product that will allow uninhibited listened throughout your sessions.