Why do I need FITSPI’s? 

While we do believe in the power of unlimited human potential, we also believe that workouts should be simple.  You should be able to focus solely on your workout.  Having your phone secure and out of the way means theres just one less thing to think about while you exercise. 

Why shouldn’t i just get the armband?

With an armband, the cord is almost always in the way. The arm band is also prone to slipping off, it's difficult to get the phone in and out if you want to browse your phone for a new song, and if you forget it at home your stuck putting your phone in your waistband or your pocket again!  Our pocket allows seamless security of your phone and movement that is uninhibited due to your chord being in the way.

I have bluetooth headphones. Why would i need this?

A lot of our users exercise with bluetooth headphones.  If you go more than a few feet away from your phone you’ll lose the signal.  This makes it less than ideal for runners or people that are doing circuit training.  You also want to have quick access to your phone if you receive a phone call or want to read a text.

What activities is the pocket good for?

Anything from running to weightlifting, hiking, freerunning, you name it! If you like to have your phone with you while you exercise this is just for you!  Its out of way yet accessible at the same time.  We have yet to experience an activity where a phone has fallen out of one of our pockets so if you discover something that causes a phone to fall out please let us know! We are continually striving to improve and create the best product possible for our customers.

What happens if it falls apart or i don’t like the product?

The product is guaranteed to be free from manufacturers defects for the life of the product.  If you simply don’t like our product, we will accept returns within 30 days from the date of purchase. The cost of shipping is non refundable.  Returns for orders shipped overseas will be determined on a case by case basis

Does it fit all phones? 

No.  Most phones fit in the pocket perfectly!  However, with the variety of phones around we cannot cater to everyones needs just yet.  Phones such as an iPhone 6 with a large cases like an otter box have a hard time fitting in the pocket on the shorts and the joggers.  The leggings however have side pockets that will fit almost anything! If you have any questions about your specific phone send us an email and well will get back to you ASAP!

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