Habits, Rituals, Routines



Its Friday afternoon at 3:33 Pacific Time. This is about the time we decide what we will stack into our weekend agenda. Will we carry our "good" habits from the week into the weekend or do we deserve to ease up a bit after a long week.

This is what typically will set apart those who hit their goals when they went to from those that take 200% of the time or NEVER hit them. It goes back to consistency. I was listening to a podcast this morning by Tim Ferris. He hosted Jerrod Carmichael -- 29-year young standup comedian, actor and writer. 

Exhibiting a microcosm for those that achieve and do good work he embodies an efficient work ethic that can be attributed to his daily habits and routines... starting with a daily morning call to his mom. The call is real and refreshing. This is before all shit stacks on. 

We can relate. We need that one person or thing that gets our mind in the right place before we tackle our day. For some of us it is coffee and some music or coffee and instagram (not favorable). 

Whatever morning routine that has worked in the past (that doesn't involve social media), use that and stick with it. 

Now reeling this back into the weekly "good habits" carrying over to the weekend. Jarrod, like any successful professional athlete, musician, or business owner will treat the weekend like any ordinary work day. HE WORKS. There will be a rare time when he goes out because the 99% of the time people do good work love their work and that is what they continue to enjoy refining. 

This is where we have to take a birds eye view at our lives and ask if our end of the week routines and rituals align with our FIVE year goals? 

Whatever it is we are pursuing, would we want to extend that GOAL finishing date for a couple of drinks?