Thinking + Writing || Fantasy -> Fruition

When Tim Ferriss (world renowned podcaster, writer, investor, entrepreneur) interviewed the world's elite, what single habit did 90% of the individuals consistently practice? Meditation or Mindfulness. This habit has helped shape the successful for years and in all professional disciplines. Why is this so effective and HOW CAN I APPLY IT TO FITNESS? From gatherings and insights it seems that two components can be attributed to the chain reaction of meditation. When we meditate effectively we are able to take in the chaos and accept it. We are able to retreat from the anxiety and stress and see the bigger picture.  1.) Once practice within this meditation and mindfulness is the visualization of our ideal life. For some this may...

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Time Under TENSION with Demi Bagby ||| 3-minute muscle group workouts

  Until you actually try a 3-minute unbroken workout with one of these little hip resistance bands, you will not appreciate the efficacy of them. Put to a minute "up-down" melody by Moby (song: Flower), these bands will put your mind and muscle to the test. At about 1:30 seconds (when most people would have already been resting for 30 seconds), your mind starts to conjure up about any excuse to quit. HOWEVER, if you can make it through the incessant sustained burn of the last 90 seconds of "up/downing" or "in/outing" (depending on the workout) you will have a new perspective on how you have really been pushing your standard workouts in the gym and what 'muscle failure' really...

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Cardio Balance ||| Building the Heart While Maintaining Muscle Tone

The FITSPI Team ran the Encinitas Half Marathon yesterday with some decent times an abundance of post race endorphins! Now I can't say getting out took less than a smile this morning... Remember in How I Met Your Mother Episode where Barney ran the marathon then proceeds to get stuck on the subway because his legs won't work? Well pictures something of the sort for us this morning.     BESIDE THE POINT THOUGH! The real question... Can we sustain regular cardio endurance (good for our heart right??) while we continue to maintain our muscle mass that we are gaining in the gym. Short answer, YES ---however, it takes some discipline!  This topic has been highly debated for years as...

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