The New Fall Line!


Hello and welcome to the Season of Cooling Weather --- Finally! Let's start pushing our workouts 

Our team here at FITSPI is excited to announce a launch of a few new items next month as we roll into the upcoming holiday season. Check out our Fall Line -- coming fully equipped with smartphone-snugging-pockets and warmer full length joggers and leggings for the chillier days.


We shot with Hillary Paige of Newport Beach at Thousand Steps Beach this where she showed up the team running the stairs and even more impressively the beach for 60 MINUTES straight. Her calves she admitted were a new level of sore the next day, expectedly ;)



We will be at Barbell's for Boobs this weekend in San Diego this weekend so please let us know if you will be there ! We will be filming to post some of you on our PAGE!

The team has been testing and re-testing the new gear and experiencing some awesome progress in the fitness and business realm as a few of our marketing channels are carried across the nation and breaches the country's borders with some international engagement! We thank you for the support and we hope you are enjoying the gear!

Be sure to reach out on Instagram and use hashtag #myfitspis for reposts !

Keep on keepin' on!