Time Under TENSION with Demi Bagby ||| 3-minute muscle group workouts

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Until you actually try a 3-minute unbroken workout with one of these little hip resistance bands, you will not appreciate the efficacy of them. Put to a minute "up-down" melody by Moby (song: Flower), these bands will put your mind and muscle to the test.

At about 1:30 seconds (when most people would have already been resting for 30 seconds), your mind starts to conjure up about any excuse to quit. HOWEVER, if you can make it through the incessant sustained burn of the last 90 seconds of "up/downing" or "in/outing" (depending on the workout) you will have a new perspective on how you have really been pushing your standard workouts in the gym and what 'muscle failure' really is.


We challenge you this week to try three of these workouts and I dare say it will be incorporated into your daily routine.

Step 1: Download Song -- Flower by Moby

Step 2: Start with pushups (and knee pushups if necessary;)

Step 3: Follow along to the song: Each up, go up to plank, each down, down, and hold until Moby tells you to go up again.

Step 4: Embrace the inevitable pain that will ensue.

Step 5: When you do fail at roughly 2 minutes or so, drop to chest and then sync up again as soon as you can must up the strength. 

Step 6: MAKE IT TO THE END OF THE SONG (failing in between or not!)

Step 7: Find two other muscle groups to repeat. (squats or pullups???) 


Write to us and let us know how this goes! New workouts coming with these for our summer shred tone program! 


Cheers to summer!