Boost Your Morning Workouts With the Help of Daylight Savings!

Daylight savings came and passed this last week and we believe that collectively the shorter days are not the MOST ideal as 5:37 pm can pass for feeling like its 11 pm.. BUT lets take a look at the the silver lining.


Though the sun sets at close to 5 pm we still have the early morning sunrise WHICH (if we can begin to trick our bodies) can play in our favor. 

I must encourage you as a reader to try ONE thing over the next week that is not going to quite as savory as your post dinner fro-yo. TWO words for you. Cold Shower. TWO more words. Cold Shower at 5:30 am. 

I know if I had you hedging at cold shower you would indubitably be completely lost by the time I hit 5:30 am. HOWEVER I encourage you to try this for THREE simple reasons. 

1.) Rising earlier is PROVEN (with extensive research) to increase your net productivity throughout the day.

2.) You give yourself a chance to have YOU time before the hecticity (new word premonition - trending 2017) of the day begins.

3.) You get your workout in and done before the majority of others are EVEN AWAKE (there is something quite rewarding about this).

Whether it be a morning run/lift/HIIT or YOGA as the workout/mental cleansing of choice this past week... you will go into your school/work week feeling on TOP. Trust me.


1.) Set alarm for 5:30 -- ONE ALARM. NO SNOOZING.

2.) Jump in that cold shower and ENJOY the invigoratingly waking effects.

3.) Get on that workout... you won't even need coffee after that FRIGID drenching.

We want to hear how it goes!! Send us your progress on Wednesday and let us know that you were able to stick to this routine and how its changed your week!