Visualize Your Way Into the FUTURE



First week of February down and the majority of us have determined by now if we will be sticking with our New Year's Resolutions/intentions. With the hustle and bustle of life it is is all too easy to get caught up in deferring workouts to the next day, hitting snooze and rolling back into our SUBOPTIMAL routines that we have tirelessly tried to grow out of.

A few members of our team have been working towards better habits that will pay off in the long term and one of the books that helps to address the actual 'Tools of Titans' -- that being billionaires, world class athletes and other Top Tier Performers in the their class is written by none other than Tim Ferriss. Icons such as Tony Robbins break down their daily habits and routines that helped propel them to the top.

What was ONE commonality amongst 80% of the elite? Some form of daily meditation. Associated with others was RISING EARLIER (5 am or earlier). We can all make these subtle changes in our daily routine. The mind trick that I found to be most unique has to do with a combination of these two and something you can repeat everyday.

When you finish this blog today I want you to take five minutes that likely will pave your way into the future you've always desired.


  •  Sit comfortable and close your eyes. You will be visualizing what this DAY will look like 5 years from now in your ABSOLUTE IDEAL WORLD.
  • Where will you be? What does your office look like? What clothes are you wearing? What emails will you be answering? What is your job title? What does your car look like? What does your hair look like? What kind of shape are you in? Do you have a significant other? What are they like?? HOW DO YOU FEEL
  • NOW, take 5 minutes to go over every possible detail of your life and how you want your life to be in 5 years. Scrutinize every aspect of your ideal life and make it real. LIVE IT. 
  • Come back to reality and build little stepping stones everyday that will make this visualization come to fruition.

Make time everyday -- ideally early mornings with tea or coffee -- and lets just see what happens over the course of days, weeks, months, and at the 5 year mark. If you don't make any other changes this year aside from adding this to your daily habit, we can still consider this a win.


Live + Inspire.