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Thinking + Writing || Fantasy -> Fruition

When Tim Ferriss (world renowned podcaster, writer, investor, entrepreneur) interviewed the world's elite, what single habit did 90% of the individuals consistently practice? Meditation or Mindfulness. This habit has helped shape the successful for years and in all professional disciplines. Why is this so effective and HOW CAN I APPLY IT TO FITNESS? From gatherings and insights it seems that two components can be attributed to the chain reaction of meditation. When we meditate effectively we are able to take in the chaos and accept it. We are able to retreat from the anxiety and stress and see the bigger picture.  1.) Once practice within this meditation and mindfulness is the visualization of our ideal life. For some this may...

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Visualize Your Way Into the FUTURE

    First week of February down and the majority of us have determined by now if we will be sticking with our New Year's Resolutions/intentions. With the hustle and bustle of life it is is all too easy to get caught up in deferring workouts to the next day, hitting snooze and rolling back into our SUBOPTIMAL routines that we have tirelessly tried to grow out of. A few members of our team have been working towards better habits that will pay off in the long term and one of the books that helps to address the actual 'Tools of Titans' -- that being billionaires, world class athletes and other Top Tier Performers in the their class is written by none...

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