Thinking + Writing || Fantasy -> Fruition

When Tim Ferriss (world renowned podcaster, writer, investor, entrepreneur) interviewed the world's elite, what single habit did 90% of the individuals consistently practice?

Meditation or Mindfulness.

This habit has helped shape the successful for years and in all professional disciplines. Why is this so effective and HOW CAN I APPLY IT TO FITNESS?

From gatherings and insights it seems that two components can be attributed to the chain reaction of meditation. When we meditate effectively we are able to take in the chaos and accept it. We are able to retreat from the anxiety and stress and see the bigger picture. 

1.) Once practice within this meditation and mindfulness is the visualization of our ideal life. For some this may seem like a fantasy. However, visualizing our life in the future on a daily basis has an extrapolating effect. Our actions and habits start to align with the individual we are chasing. Us 5 years from now.

2.) Write this down. Write down the dreams that are now goals with a deadline, the new ideas, the things in your life your are grateful for, and the things are you excited about. This done on a daily basis and ideally in the morning before you start your day will set your days and weeks up for success. 

I am going to leave it here this week and I encourage you right now to take 30 seconds to visualize your life in 5 years if you could pick and choose WHERE you are living, WHO you are surrounded by, WHAT your are working on, HOW you look, and WHY you are doing what you are doing. Be so specific that you know the food in your refrigerator and the types of emails and texts you are reading.

I challenge you to this and I'd be surprised if it wasn't actually a little enjoyable.